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Readers are able to actively engage with the story and manipulate it through various interactive features.


This artwork is created and distributed in digital format, rather than printed on paper.


A comic book, is a type of publication that features illustrations and text to tell a story.

About Mana

Mana, who took refuge in a dark and insidious underground to escape from her not-so-quiet life, encounters a message that changes her life completely. The smell of flowers and plants may temporarily cover the smell of the environment and talking with the little white mouse will occasionally reduce Mana's feeling of loneliness; But the green letters on the computer screen have opened a tunnel to a scary and mysterious world that once entered, there is no turning back... In Mana Digital Comics, you enter the mysterious story of Mana and Mooshak and follow the characters to make difficult decisions, solve puzzles and advance the story in your own way. Do you think Mana can cope well with the great responsibility that has been given to her?

Coming soon...

Mana: Belladonna

Story has just began!

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